Pipeline Integrity Services
Titan Provides Field Services for Pipeline Integrity Services for compliance with 49 CFR 192 and 195.
US Federal Regulations for Natural Gas Pipelines

Close Interval Surveys are specifically mentioned in the Code of Federal Regulations CFR Sections 192.921 and 192.937 and Titan provides CIS Services and additional Pipeline Integrity Survey Services for DC Voltage Gradient, and AC Voltage Gradient surveys. Additionally, we provide AGM, Tracking, and Support Services for In-Line Inspection Pigging Tool Runs for Liquids and Natural Gas Pipelines.

US Federal Regulations for Liquids Pipelines

We currently provide our services as mentioned in these regulations for Preventative and Mitigative Measures for Transmission, Gathering, Production, and Distribution Pipeline Companies.

ECDA Projects — External Corrosion Direct Assessment
(ECDA) is a structured process used to evaluate buried onshore ferrous pipeline integrity. The ECDA goal is to enhance safety by managing the risk of pipeline corrosion failures while minimizing the cost required for excavations and repairs. ECDA may also be used when more established methods such as in-line inspection (ILI) and pressure testing are not possible or not practical. NACE Standard Recommended Practice on Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology (RP0502-2002) describes the ECDA process as allowing "...the prediction of susceptible areas where corrosion activity has occurred, is occurring or may occur."

Close Interval Potential Surveys
Close Interval Surveys (CIS) – also known as pipe-to-soil and potential gradient surveys – are one of several methods for assessing effectiveness of cathodic protection (CP) systems used on buried pipelines. Click here to view sample field plot

DCVG Surveys
Sophisticated electronics detect signal voltage gradients to provide rapid visual interpretations at defect locations. An easy-to-read meter panel and the convenience of several scales permits speedy location and assessment. Read more

Data Integration with Satellite Imagery
Combining satellite imagery with vector data. Click here for sample plot

Pig Tracking and Sub-Centimeter AGM Benchmarking
Above Ground Marker (AGM)
Setting & Pig Tracking

ACVG Surveys
Alternating Current Voltage Gradient ACVG surveys are used for an indirect inspection tool as part of the ECDA program on the line. Through the use of Pipe Current Mapping PCM, which through the use of this trasmitter can pin-point coating anomalies and evaluate the protection of the pipe coatings. This process is very similar to the DCVG process except ACVG evaluates the coatings on pipelines by using a signal generator for alternate current.

PCM Surveys — Pipeline Current Mapping
The location and measurement of pipeline corrosion using electromagnetic detection devices (Locators) are increasingly being linked with GIS systems and GPS information, to provide an accurate record of the condition of pipes and the position and time co-ordinates for post mapping analysis – this requirement is the basis of the PCM+. Read more

XLI Indirect Inspection Surveys
Spectrum XLI is a family of products specifically developed for the Indirect Inspection of pipelines as part of the External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) process. Used for the processing, correlation and analysis of indirect inspection survey data. A collection of specialized instruments for the collection of Indirect Inspection data. Read more

Stray Current Mapping Surveys
Electronic Depth of Cover Surveys
Short Locating Surveys

GPS Surveys

TrimbleTrimble's New Integrated Camera Roving System for Geospatial Professionals Delivers High-Accuracy Positioning from Digital Images. Read more about Trimble

Rectifier Inspections
The rectifier is the heart of an impressed current cathodic protection system. As it is subject to many adverse conditions including power surges, lightning strikes, vandalism, physical damage, and deterioration from atmospheric exposure, frequent inspections of rectifiers are vital to keeping an impressed current system operating so that it can provide nearly continuous protection of the underground, or submerged structures that are being protected.

Annual Potential Surveys
Bond Measurements
Isolator Electrical Tests
Casing Tests
AC and DC Interference Testing and Mitigation Systems

Certified OQ Training (VERIFORCE, NCCER) and Performance Verification
Titan Corrosion utilizes pipeline industry professionals who have the expertise in Operator Qualifications. Our team uses the tools provided by NCCER training and assessment, EWN (Energyworldnet), OQSG, Veriforce and MEA.
Titan Corrosion's staff strictly adhere to ALL provider guidelines.

Above Ground Storage Tanks
Titan designs and installs mixed metal oxide anode impressed current cathodic protection systems for above ground storage tanks. The CP system is called the Tel-Tank System