Allegro CX Field Computer
Allegro Field Data PC Using this rugged, handheld tool, corrosion technicians collect Cathodic Protection (CP) data, GPS coordinates and other pipeline field data, then transport and download this information directly into a data management system. Additional data processing and analysis functions have been integrated into the unit, allowing for the manipulation of data while the user is still in the field.
Allegro can perform multiple tasks such as corrosion data collection and analysis, form data entry, data processing, as well as GPS coordinate line mapping. Read more

Spectrum XLI Field Suite
Spectrum XLI Field Suite XLI FIELD inspection technologies revolutionize line mapping and ECDA surveys. Focusing on the field data collection side of non-intrusive external line inspections. Dynamic surveying with a single, non-stop sweep over the line. Read more

MicroMax GPS Current Interrupters
MicroMax GPS Current Interrupters Flexible, fully-programmable, GPS synchronized current interrupters. With MicroMax Interference Mode Testing, it is now possible to obtain the ON, Instant OFF, and influence from each rectifier during a single visit to a test station. Up to 99 interrupters can be used. Read more

Vivax vLoc Pro2 Pipeline Locator
Vivax vLoc Pro Pipeline Locator The vLocPro2 is used by field technicians to locate and trace the position of buried utility pipes and cables. Designed by engineers experienced in the field of location and incorporating ideas and feedback from customers, the product addresses many of the shortcomings of locators. Read more

Radio Detection 400/4000/8000 Pipe Locator
Radio Detection 400/4000/8000 Pipe LocatorRadiodetection's precision locators are designed for optimal locate performance for all industries and utilities. Common to all is the powerful Centros™ measurement engine, based on more than 30 years of development. Centros delivers a powerful digital signal analysis platform and provides the operator with a comprehensive suite of reliable and accurate information. Read more

Vivax Defect Mapper (DM)
vLocDM2 The vLocDM2 uses the latest locating and signal processing techniques to plot the current gradient of an industry standard low frequency (3Hz or 4Hz) profiling current. The current is typically applied at CP stations so the disruption of the pipeline can be minimized. Read more

Radio Detection Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM)
Radio Detection Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM) The PCM accurately and easily locates and maps the pipeline for up to 19 miles, providing simultaneous measurement of PCM Current and Voltage Gradient, even in areas where there is contact with other metallic structures, interference, or congestion. Read more

A-Frame (ACVG)
vLoc Pro + A-frame Used by field technicians to locate and trace the position of buried utility pipes and cables. Dual core DSP processing resulting in fast depth & current measurement. A completely new system for pipe and cable location. This product addresses many of the shortcomings of locators.

Pipe Camp 2000 Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG)
PCS 2000 DCVGSophisticated electronics detect signal voltage gradients to provide rapid visual interpretations at defect locations. An easy-to-read meter panel and the convenience of several scales permits speedy location and assessment. Read more

Trimble Pro XRS GPS Backpack System

Trimble Pro XT GPS Systems

Nilsson Soil Resistivity Meter
HM-941 Nilsson 400 Soil Resistivity MeterThe Nilsson 400 Soil Resistance Meter can be used with the kit to provide soil resistance values read directly from the analog dial of the meter. No calculations are necessary. The wide-range, high sensitivity meter has large, 100-division dial for easy readability and 8 ranges from 0.1 ohm to 1.1 megohm.

GeoEAR Geophone Tracking System
GeoEAR Geophone Tracking System CDI's GeoEAR acoustic amplifier system allows a listener to hear extremely faint sounds at great distances using a geophone probe which is either inserted into the soil or placed in direct contact with the pipeline. The GeoEAR has the ability to amplify the sound of an approaching pipeline pig's cups striking welds of a pipeline to an easily discernable level and under normal circumstances a pig can be heard approaching for miles. Read more